escríbeme - A Creative Women's Empowerment Collective

Empowering Women & Women Veterans by encouraging expression through writing, creating and thriving in a community of support!

escríbeme is a Spanish phrase for "write me" or "write to me" and it is the foundation for the concept behind a creative women's collective. 

So many women and women veterans have faced trauma in their lives and the therapeutic process of writing, creating and thriving towards personal empowerment in a supportive community has proven to be some of the best pathways for these women to improve upon themselves.

escríbeme intends to be a physical place in Sacramento, California for women of trauma to work in a supportive and cooperative environment with holistic health coaches, mentors, therapists, and mentors on hand leading workshops, classes and available one to one in support of women interested in expressing themselves in a safe and supportive environment through creative writing and artistic creation to heal pain and move towards an empowered future. 

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As escríbeme continues to develop we will post updates! Be sure to check back regularly for news.

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