Women Inspiring Women

Women Inspiring WomenWomen Inspiring Women

Honoring Women to Inspire Women on a Global Scale

The Magistra Mission

Honor Women Founders, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Artists, Businesswomen, & Women Professionals by highlighting our successes, telling our stories and encouraging other women to reach for their dreams & make them reality! 

The Movement

As we strive for global progress women continue to take lead on developing businesses across industries. Magistra International is committed to spotlighting and celebrating women on a global scale. To encourage more women to continue the wave of progress we will ensure the momentum stays alive. By empowering our Sisters through Collective Collaboration & by supporting their goals with planning assistance, vocal and virtual support, business development assistance, and global campaign development we all rise.

Magistra International


With a Global Perspective

Magistra International is based in Northern California.  Founder and CEO Ms. Vihil H. Vigil maintains a strong global focus to spotlight Women Entrepreneurs and Women in Business on a Global Scale by highlighting their successes to inspire more women to make their dreams their reality!

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Connecting the Continents

On an annual basis Magistra International visits a different Continent to find stories of Groundbreaking Women creating extraordinary opportunities for themselves & others. If you would love a visit from us then message us! Enquiry@Magistra.us


About our Founder, Ms. Vihil H. Vigil

With an educational background in business management along with credentials of an MBA, PMP & CHHC, Ms. Vigil has developed a phenomenal track record of building successful programs. With over a decade of first-hand experience as an entrepreneur, a business development director and a Women's Empowerment Business Coach Ms. Vigil understands the struggles that come with running & balancing your own businesses. As a Global Women's Empowerment Coach in addition to being the Founder of Magistra International her company Therapeutic Empowerment strives to work one to one with women on a journey to change their lives forever!

The Vigil Center for the Arts & Empowering Events

The Vigil Center for the Arts

Check the calendar for events!

Check the calendar for events!


Where it all began! 

The work & projects of The Vigil Center for the Arts! Learn more about The Voices Project, Altered Egos Art House and more! 

Check the calendar for events!

Check the calendar for events!

Check the calendar for events!

Join your colleagues! Here we highlight upcoming events to attend in the Sacramento region.

Join your colleagues! 

Here we highlight upcoming events to attend in the Sacramento region. Know of an event?! Email us to include the link!

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Women in Business Fall Brunch October 13 2019 (pdf)


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