The Magistra Magazine Young Woman Entrepreneur Foundation

About the Foundation

The foundation grew out of the obvious need to help young women and girls interested in building their own businesses or to begin a life as an entrepreneur. Education programs, seminars, higher education needs, workshops, business fees, website fees, business marketing expenses from websites to business cards all carry an expense that some just do not have available to them. Our goal is to provide scholarship money to help fund those necessary items to get her moving!

Educational Scholarships

The Magistra Magazine Young Woman Entrepreneur Education Foundation provides annual scholarships to women wanting to start their own business or to aid in funding educational programs to prepare them for their entrepreneurial ventures. 

All donations and revenue from Magistra Magazine sponsored events go directly to fund the annually awarded scholarships. 

If you would like to make a donation please do so and help support aspiring business owners & entrepreneurs! 

Apply for your scholarship NOW!

Scholarship applications are accepted through out the year. Winners are announced annually at the awards presentation during 

The Magistra Magazine Winter Gala benefiting The Young Woman Entrepreneur Education Foundation! 

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