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Honoring Women to Inspire Women on a Global Scale

The Magistra Mission

Honor Women Founders, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Artists, Businesswomen, & Women Professionals by highlighting our successes, telling our stories and encouraging other women to reach for their dreams & make them reality! 

The Movement

As we strive for global progress women continue to take lead on developing businesses across industries. Magistra International is committed to spotlighting and celebrating women on a global scale. To encourage more women to continue the wave of progress we will ensure the momentum stays alive. By empowering our Sisters through Collective Collaboration & by supporting their goals with planning assistance, vocal and virtual support, business development assistance, and global campaign development we all rise.

Magistra Magazine Sections for Your Exploration


The Spotlight Story

In our Spotlight Story, we bring you the newest and most exciting news related to successful women entrepreneurs and business owners from our California Headquarters and now Globally! 

With compelling stories, photos, interviews with quotes directly from the source, we regularly introduce groundbreaking women to inspire us all.


Industry Leaders

Based on the Industry of The Spotlight Story, Magistra Magazine brings you more women of the Industry. 

We not only focus on the big news, but also on the news that matters to our community. 

In our Local Interest section, you can read about women entrepreneurs and business owners, close to home that forged their own way. 

Let us know of a Woman you think we should Spotlight!


Words of Advice

From a single quote to a paragraph or a story our Words of Advice section gives you gems of knowledge from our trusted advisers.  

Each quarterly issue carries the advice from 4 groundbreaking women who are making all of the hard work look easy and simultaneously amazing us all!

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